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    Louise Mowery

    I cannot find anywhere that helps me find the .5 x100' adhesive for the Teresa Collins mega runner. Articles say it also can be used with this size, but I can only find the 1/4" x 100 and today I went to 5 different stores and the last one told me that the 1/4 inch was being discontinued! Help please!

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    Xyron Social Media

    Hi Louise,

    I am sorry the 1.2" refill is not in stores yet, we have tried to sell it in to the retails but they have wanted only the 1/4" refill.

    Here is the part number to look for the 1/2" refill  0702-05-00.  I have a link to amazon here,

    This might help you also

    Both Xyron Mega Runner refills and Teresa Collins refills will work in their Mega Runner. 

    Have a good night. 


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